Hi, it's us, the faces of this business! The photo below is our holiday snapshot to assure you we are real people with passion for fashion, not some evil corporation. We have been working in the media and advertising industry for well over ten years. Fashion has always been one of our focus areas but all too often the source of frustrations. You see, every time we've shot an advert or editorial, it would prove challenging to complete entire wardrobe in one shop. Most brands would have a lot of "safe choices" and one or two "cool" items. Often we needed several outfits made entirely of great pieces, so we've wasted many days running through countless shops and websites. How frustrating!?! I know. And that's when the idea was born. We needed to start a brand that will not settle for average, common and safe just because it's easy to sell. We wanted to have only cool, edgy garments. All of them! Not just one or two! We know it's not for everyone, but the fashion-conscious few will be delighted!

We have used our extensive connections from across Europe to find and bring you only the most current and most fashionable collections and designs from all major European fashion hot spots. We travel to Italy, France, Spain and many other countries. We meet the most trendy designers and manufacturers so we can present it to you all in one place. Welcome to STYLISTS' CHOICE - a feast for fashion-conscious people!